how to get mony in nimo tv 2022

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how to get mony in nimo tv 2022

             how to get mony in nimo tv 2022 

Nimo TV is a leading global channel for mobile and PC players and an ideal place to share your own games and broadcast moments every day with your fans and friends via Nimo TV. You can also use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to increase the number of followers. The best games, game events and live streams for only diverse users on Nimo TV. If it works online through the official website, you can also download the app to your device. Table of Contents1 Features of Nimo TV2 Requirements for Starting a Live Stream3 Speed Important4 Signing Up for a Nimo5 Account How to Mirror a Mobile Screen on PC5.

where can install nimo tv 

1 Device Mirroring for Android 5.2 Device Mirroring for iOS 5.3 Streaming on PC 6 Streaming Games on PC 7 Streaming Games on Mobile8 Watch Live Games9 Live Streaming and Make Money10 Multiplayer Games11 Final Words11.1 Similar Features on Nimo TVSupports 19+ LanguagesLive View - Channel for AllReal-Time InteractionYou Can Make Real MoneyBe Popular on Social MediaPromote Your Live Stream on Instagram, Facebook and TwitterGet Real Rewards and Get  On a chance to win many exciting live streaming awardsBefore you even think about live streaming, you need to know your streaming needs. The higher the specifications, the smoother your streaming will be.

Requirements to the pc computure 

For this, I recommended the following configurations for your computer: CPU: Intel I5 graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 750Ti with 2 GB memory or another of the same level RAM: 8 GB or higher speed number One of the main factors for live streaming on Nimo TV is that you need a good high-speed Internet connection for streaming. His fans will not be happy if they discover that his game is underdeveloped and he cannot even speak clearly. So the speed should be fast enough for live streaming. If you don't know how fast your internet is, click on this link to find out. The normal upload speed should be around 1 Mbps or more, but it is recommended to use 2 Mbps. Sign up for a Nimo account. For the live streaming service on Nimo TV, you need to register first.

If you are already a member, please log in to Nimo Streamer. To register, you need to enter your mobile number and create a secure password. Please write down the exact password you enter the next time you sign in. After recording, add your streaming content including games, flip camera, text, and photos. Attach the design of the gear according to the instructions and provide information to be published.

Set the broadcast layout and information to the live stream. How to mirror the screen of the mobile device for PC players who want to play mobile games